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10 Weeks paid program

Positivity Matters

A perfect course to strengthen your mindset and ability to face setbacks and successfully transition implement a professional life you love.

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Mistakes not to do when looking for job

Free course

The 7 big mistakes not to do when looking for a career change

Find out why your efforts in looking for a career change might not be working, and what to do to regain clarity and confidence.

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Free Webinar

Genuine Connections: The Art of Authentic Networking

How to develop a networking mindset and build genuine connections through authenticity.

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Live sessions and modules paid program

Networking with Authenticity: Unlock Opportunities, Unleash Your Potential

How to develop and nurture a professional network

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Paid Session

1-1 session with Dominique

This session is for questions or concerns or ideas you need support on, and which you may not want to share within the small group.

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