Work Directly With Dominique

This one hour private session is extremely useful to any member following one (or more) of our group programs. This is extremely useful for questions or concerns or ideas you need support on, and which you may not want to share within the small group.

In order to make good use of the session, prepare for it, and if possible send by email your discussion points, so that the session is fully focused on the solution and time with Dominique.

Investment: CHF 300

This half day is for our members who wish to focus and get dedicated and exclusive strategic advise from Dominique. This time is usually extremely useful when you need to make significant progress in a limited time period.

It can be used for topics such as defining your leadership style inventory and experience and set a specific and measurable development plan, or to put together a business model and plan, or to define a new marketing strategy or a personal brand strategy.

Investment: CHF 1800

One full day of our focused attention, experience, skills and insights so that you can define a new People strategy, a revised Business model, a clear Leadership impact or Employer Brand strategy.

This full advising day will give you the inspiration, the insights, the thoughts provoking discussions to get onto a new direction. It includes working together on a clear and actionable roadmap to move forward into the right direction.

Investment: CHF 3400