Some call it Roadmap, others call it Success Path or Journey, but in short this is the path that you take towards achieving a successful change in your career.

Get 100% Clarity and Confidence

Phase 1: Preparing for the journey

Make an inventory of your DNA

Module 1
    • Preferences of behaviours, CEB-SHL OPQ assessment
Module 2
    • Your achievements
Module 3
    • Your strengths
Module 4
    • Your talents
Module 5
    • What others say about you
Module 6
    • Your skills and competences

Unlocking your true self

Module 7
    • What are your values and why they matter
Module 8
    • What you are passionate about
    • What motivates you
Module 9
    • What is your vision of Life
    • Why are you on planet earth
    • The causes dear to your heart
Module 10
    • Your life had ups and downs… when, why

Phase 2: Defining your destination

Define your ideal professional life

Module 11
    • What is an ideal job
    • Key components of an ideal job
Module 12
    • Your professional map and cards distribution

Managing your mindset

Module 13
    • Maintaining balance
    • Working on your Life domains
Module 14
    • Removing obstacles, identifying your limiting beliefs
Module 15
    • Install daily rituals
    • Organize your time and priorities

Weekly group live Q&A sessions during 12 weeks, with Dominique